bispectral luminescent radiance factor [βL,λ(μ)]

ratio of the radiance per unit emission bandpass, dλ, at wavelength, λ, due to photoluminescence from the specimen when irradiated at wavelength, μ, to the radiance of the perfect reflecting diffuser identically irradiated and viewed

Unit: nm-1

NOTE1 Spectral quantities with a subscript λ in their designation indicate differential spectral radiometric quantities.

NOTE 2 When integrated or summed over the spectral bandpass of the instrument, this quantity becomes the bandpass-weighted bispectral luminescent radiance factor, βL,λ(μ)∆λ.

NOTE 3 The tabular form of complete bispectral luminescent radiance factor and reflected radiance factor data is the Donaldson matrix representation of bispectral radiance factor, D(μ, λ). The excitation wavelengths, μ, are tabulated in the vertical direction, the emission wavelengths, λ, in the horizontal direction, the reflected radiance factors, βR(λ), appear on the diagonal where the excitation and emission (detection) wavelengths are equal, and the array of bandpass-weighted bispectral luminescent radiance factor data, βL,λ(μ)∆λ, appear on the off-diagonals.

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