image state, output-referred

image state associated with image data that represents the colour space coordinates of the elements of an image that has undergone colour rendering appropriate for a specified real or virtual output device and viewing conditions

NOTE 1 When the phrase "output-referred" is used as a qualifier to an object, it implies that the object is in an output-referred image state. For example, output-referred image data are image data in an output-referred image state.

NOTE 2 Output referred image data are referred to the specified output device and viewing conditions. A single scene can be colour rendered to a variety of output-referred representations depending on the anticipated output viewing conditions, media limitations, and/or artistic intents.

NOTE 3 Output-referred image data may become the starting point for a subsequent reproduction process. For example, sRGB output-referred image data are frequently considered to be the starting point for the colour re-rendering performed by a printer designed to receive sRGB image data.

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