aggregates (of a road surface)

whole of the inert materials incorporated in the mix of a road surface construction

NOTE 1 The following can be distinguished:

chipping (stones): that part of the aggregates retained by a 2 mm test sieve,

sand: that part of the aggregates passing a 2 mm sieve but retained by a 0,075 mm sieve;

filler: that part of the aggregates passing a 0,075 mm sieve. These aggregates are generally obtained by crushing rocks or from the natural weathering of rocks (gravels or sands from pits, dredging and dunes): industrial wastes are also occasionally used (blast furnace slag, fly ash).

NOTE 2 Some countries use other limiting mesh sizes for distinguishing between sand and stones (for example 5 mm) and between sand and filler (for example 0,063 mm or 0,080 mm).

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