colour image encoding

digital encoding of colour values, together with any information necessary to properly interpret the colour values such as the image state, the intended image viewing environment and the reference medium

NOTE 1 In some cases the intended image viewing environment will be explicitly defined for the colour image encoding. In other cases, the intended image viewing environment, i.e., details of the image state, may be specified on an image-by-image basis using metadata associated with the digital image.

NOTE 2 Some colour image encodings will indicate particular reference medium characteristics, such as a reflection print with a specified density range. In other cases the reference medium will be not applicable, such as with a scene-referred encoding, or will be specified using image metadata.

NOTE 3 Colour image encodings are not limited to pictorial digital images that originate from an original scene, but are also applicable to digital images with content such as text, line art, vector graphics and other forms of original artwork.

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