CIE standard illuminants

illuminants A and D65 defined by the CIE in terms of relative spectral power distributions

NOTE 1 These illuminants are intended to represent:

A: Planckian radiation at a temperature of about 2 856 K;

D65: The relative spectral power distribution representing a phase of daylight with a correlated colour temperature of approximately 6 500 K (called also "nominal correlated colour temperature of the daylight illuminant").

See also CIE 15 Colorimetry

See also ISO 11664-2:2007(E)/CIE S 014-2/E:2006 Colorimetry - Part 2: CIE Standard llluminants for Colorimetry

NOTE 2 Illuminants B, C and other D illuminants, previously denoted as "standard illuminants", should now be termed "CIE illuminants".

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