CIE 1976 uniform chromaticity scale diagram

uniform chromaticity scale diagram produced by plotting in rectangular coordinates v' against u', quantities defined by the equations:

        u' = 4 X / (X + 15Y + 3Z) = 4x / (-2x + 12y + 3)

        v' = 9 Y / (X + 15Y + 3Z) = 9y / (-2x +12y + 3)

where X, Y, Z are the tristimulus values in the CIE 1931 or 1964 standard colorimetric systems, and x, y are the corresponding chromaticity coordinates of the colour stimulus considered

Equivalent term: "CIE 1976 UCS diagram"

NOTE This diagram is a modification of, and supersedes, the CIE 1960 UCS diagram in which v was plotted against u in rectangular coordinates. The relationships between the 2 pairs of coordinates are: u' = u; v' = 1,5 v.

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