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(mutual) exchange coefficient (between 2 surfaces S1 and S2, when the radiance or luminance of S1 (or S2) is the same at all points and for all directions) [g]
(spatial) distribution of luminous intensity (of a source)
(time) integrated radiance (in a given direction, at a given point of a real or imaginary surface) [Lt]
Abney phenomenon
Abney's law
abnormal cathode fall
absolute thermal detector
absorptance [α]
accent lighting
access zone (of a road tunnel)
access zone luminance
achromatic colour
achromatic stimulus
actinic dose [Hact]
actinic effect, indirect
action spectrum
adaptation, incomplete
adaptation, state of
adapted white
adaptive colorimetric shift
adaptive colour shift
additive mixture of colour stimuli
additivity law of von Krefeld
adjustable luminaire
adopted white
aerodrome beacon
aeronautical ground light
aggregates (of a road surface)
air-turbo lamp
all-purpose road
Allard's law
alternating light
ambient illuminance level (of a display)
ambient white point (of a display)
amplitude of fluctuation of the luminous flux (of a source run on alternating current)
angle of incidence [ε]
angle of observation [α]
angular subtense [α]
anomalous trichromatism
anti-collision light
anti-Stokes luminescence
aperture colour
aperture mode (of colour appearance)
aperture stop
apparent magnitude (of an astronomical object) [m]
appearance model, single-stimulus
approach lighting system
arc discharge
arc lamp
arc tube
array detector
astronomical sunshine duration
asymmetrical luminaire
atmospheric transmissivity [T]
atmospheric transmittance [P]
avalanche photodiode
average illuminance (over a surface) [Eav, ]
average life
average luminance (of a surface) [Lav, ]
background (of a sign)
background, single stimulus
backing board (of a traffic control device)
backup light (US)
bactericidal lamp
bactericidal radiation
ballast lumen factor
barrette (aeronautical ground lights)
base (US)
basic colour names
basic law of radiometry and photometry
basic photon radiance
basic radiance
bayonet base (US)
bayonet cap
bayonet pin
beam spread
Bezold-Brücke phenomenon
bi-directional reflectance distribution function (at a surface element of a medium, in a given direction, for a given direction of irradiation) [ρ(θi , θr, λ)]
binary hue
biological rhythm
bispectral luminescent radiance factor [βL,λ(μ)]
black light lamp
blended lamp
BLF (abbreviation)