Term nodes beginning with "E"

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effective dose [Heff]
effective intensity (of a flashing light)
effects projector
efflux geometry
eight degree geometry
electric arc (in a gas or a vapour)
electric lighting
electro-optical conversion function
electroluminescent lamp
electroluminescent panel
electroluminescent source
electromagnetic radiation
electromechanical matrix variable message sign
electronic flash lamp
element (of a sign face)
element size (of a sign face)
elliptically polarized radiation
emergency lighting
emergency mode ballast lumen factor
emission (of radiation)
emission spectrum (of a luminescent material)
emissive material
emissivity (hemispherical) [ε, εh]
enamelled bulb
energy level
entrance angle (of a retroreflector) [β]
entrance portal (of a road tunnel)
environmental zones
EOCF (abbreviation)
equal energy spectrum (US)
equality-of-brightness photometer
equality-of-contrast photometer
equi-energy spectrum
equi-interval maintenance programme
equilux maintenance programme
equivalent contrast (of a task)
equivalent luminance (of a field of given size and shape, for a radiation of arbitrary relative spectral distribution) [Leq]
equivalent veiling luminance (for disability glare or veiling reflections)
erythema action spectrum [ser(λ)]
erythema spectral weighting function [ser(λ)]
erythema, actinic
erythemal dose [Her]
erythemal irradiance [Eer]
erythemal radiant exposure [Her]
erythemal radiation
escape lighting
excitation purity [pe]
excitation spectrum (for a monochromatic component of specified wavelength λ of the emitted radiation)
exit portal (of a road tunnel)
exit zone (of a road tunnel)
exit zone lighting
explosion-proof luminaire (US)
exposure distance
exposure duration [texp]
exposure limit [HL]
exposure meter
express road
extended gamut
external photoluminescence quantum yield
external quantum efficiency (of a detector) [ηe; η]
externally reflected component of daylight factor [De]
extraterrestrial solar illuminance [Ev]
extraterrestrial solar irradiance [Ee]
eyelet (US)